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Do you ever wonder what the rest of the world knows, and you don't? Do you believe the rest of the world is interested in the stories covered by the U.S. media? Do you wonder what the rest of the world thinks of American policies? Of U.S. international relations?

Check out World Radio, for news and information untainted by sensationalism, U.S. corporate interests or political ax-grinders. The world is a big place. Jump right in and hear it all. You'll be glad you did.

Passport to World Band Radio

The bible of world broadcasts. Published yearly, this reference contains every station broadcasting, anywhere in the world, and when they can be heard wherever you might be. A must have reference. Includes a definitive buyers guide with recommendations for receivers sold worldwide.

Universal Radio, Inc.

The perfect place to find just the right radio to suit your needs. Prices from about $50.00 US for portables to well over $6000 US for a super sophisticated table-top mega-receiver. Used equipment, too. Bookmark this one. You will want to go back. Check out their links to a multitude of World Radio information sources.

Jim at Radio NetherlandsJim at Radio Netherlands, March 1996

Radio Netherlands

6165 khz 4:30 UTC (10:30 Central Standard Time) - Broadcasting from Hilversum in Holland, possibly the worlds friendliest radio station. Don't believe me? Just show up at their door for a fine tour of one of the most modern radio facilities in the world. They are always glad to meet their listeners. One hour of news and commentary you will not hear on network news, broadcast to North America. Sites (and broadcasts) in German, Dutch, Spanish and English. The site also contains useful information about current radios, with plenty of information for the SW newcomer.

British Broadcasting Corporation (The BBC)

5975 khz 4:00 UTC (10:00 pm CST) - A half hour broadcast of world news, with a decidedly British slant. They find American politics very humorous. Listen to their own politics, and learn they have nothing to laugh at us about!

Deutsche Welle

6185 khz 5:00 UTC (11:00 pm CST) Once the web site was German Language only, but they have added an English language version. Broadcasts in German, Spanish & English at various times and places on the radio dial. Check Passport to World Band Radio (above) for the most current schedules.

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