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About the artists:

Jim in Parma

Now he carries hundreds
of rolls of film all over
Italy, driving his wife
Kate Klimut insane.

Jim Schoppman has been
burning film since he was 8.

Kate in Lucca

Why angels?

As a young boy, Jim often accompanied his grandfather on visits to the cemetery in Mt. Olive, Illinois. Like "The Spoon River Anthology" by Edgar Lee Masters, each gravestone had a story to tell about this small, close-knit community. Gramp pointed out markers and related personal memories of family and friends. Those experiences left Jim with a love of history and the worth of individuals.

The beauty of memorial art is captured in the texture of these stones. The emotions in the angels' faces speak of those who once lived. As Schoppman says, "Everyone leaves a mark."

Black and white photography brings out the depth and richness of the stone carving. "Stone angels make patient subjects," he adds.

"These photos tell a story, much like Gramp did many years ago. The detail of the prints is precious, so they are best viewed up close."

Kate In Happy Place

Kate Klimut,

an extremely talented graphic artist, handtints the photos using oil-based materials. The process can be slow if it covers the whole image.

By gradually building up colors on a sepia-toned print, she produces a painterly finish. The coloring can achieve quite a different and dramatic look, changing the emphasis of the image.

Of course, no two are alike. The prints are artsy and handcrafted. Needless to say, they are worth the expense.

Buy One! You'll See.

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