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This list of links will be a updated as time permits. As I find links I think people will like, they will appear here. Enjoy! My buddy Mac McCowan is continuing the craftsmanship of the carbro print. Mac McCowan has processed many black and white and color carbro prints, for museums and galleries the world over. The Ellis Island Visitors Center displays 18 Carbro murals produced by Mac. Check him out. And ask him to tell you a story. Any one will do ;)

The Three Stooges Collectors Showcase - If you are interested in the slapstick history of the Stooges in their many incarnations, this is the place. "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. Soitenly!"

Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door (ETBD) - Planning a trip to Europe? Check out this site for the best deals, the best places to go, and how to travel for maximum enjoyment on the road. Rick Steves knows Europe, and his advice is priceless for the first time travelor or the seasoned veteran. His biggest hint? Pack light!

The Top Ten Lists from LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN - This site has every list Dave has used in the last five years of so. Worth a look, or check out nights you missed! The number one reason for checking this site out: BECAUSE YOU CAN!

World Wide Wishbone - A site devoted to everyone's favorite talking dog, Wishbone. I have a great affection for this master storyteller. During "second season" production, I was lucky enough to be a "crew dog" during the making of this very special show. I was the computer artist, making the book covers and other printed materials used in the filming of each episode. A fine group of people. The crew I worked with in graphics and art direction won a Daytime Emmy for 1997.

I also worked on the full length feature film, "Dog Days of the West". It's a wonderful story. Go to Blockbuster and watch it. You'll love it.

Wishbone is supposed to be for kids, but it's really for anyone who likes a good story. Check this site out to see what Wishbone has in store for the future.

Welcome to my Casbah - David Siegel is the guy who developed the typeface "Tekton ". This is the best site for cutting edge web design out there. Mr. Siegel knows his stuff, plus he's not too proud to share. His Journal, with a new installment every Thursday, is worth the read. If you are into improving your own web site, run, don't walk, to this one. You will be stunned by what this guy can do with HTML. Bookmark this one!

World War I - Trenches on the Web - A facinating collection of information on the "war to end all wars". Layer upon layer of information and links for the historian or general reader.

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